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6 eggs
Dollop of creme fraiche
Milk 100ml
Butter 30g
20g  fresh tarragon 
20g  fresh chives
100g green olive tapenade 
50g slow roasted tomatoes

Take a non stick pan and heat slowly. Melt a little butter. Beat up eggs and add to pan. Cook bottom of omelette.
Have oven or grill warming. Remove half cooked omelette and smother with green tapenade. Add slow roasted tomatoes for a hint of sweetness. Chop in tarragon and fold omelette and put back under grill.

Once omellette near ready serve wıth dollop of fresh creme fraiche and diced chives as a topping.


New season baby potatoes 300g,
Olive oil 50ml,
String green beans 10g,
Banana shallots 2 large, 
Slow roast cherry tomatoes 100g,
Hard boiled eggs 2,
Tin of good tuna 200g,
French style rustic baquette or country campagne loaf, 
Crushed black olive tapenade 100g,
Fresh butter 100g,

Boil 10 small new season potatoes.
Blanche green beans and cut into smaler pieces.
Roast 2 large banna shallots and cut into circular pieces. 
Fold in the first three ingredients together.
Peel 2 hard boiled eggs and half them. 
Strain a tin of good tuna and mix with rest of ingredients.
Dollop frsh black tapenade all over salad and top with the chopped eggs. 

Take a fresh rustic french style baquette or country de campagne style farmhouse loaf, break it open and smother with either loads of ice cold butter or olive oil and enjoy. 

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