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This sauce can be used in just about any dish but works fantastically with flatbread or wraps as a sweet n savoury relishy type dip. 

Flatbread,nan or wraps, 
Natural yoghurt 200g / creme fraiche, 
Fresh lemon,
Fresh basil leaves 30g,
200g Medilicious Tomato Magic Dip, 
Lamb koftas mınis loog each 4, 
1 fresh onion, 
1 red pepper, 
Fresh chives 30g. 

Pan fry lamb koftas . Pat down with paper towel to remove excess oil. Take your bread of choice and heat on hotplate.
Take onion and red pepper and roast in strips. Once completed chop in fresh basil, stır in yoghurt or creme fraiche. Squeeze of fresh lemon, stir all mixture together.

Lay out warm bread with two koftas, smother mixture over meat and to finısh take a good dollop of Medilicious Tomato Magic Dip and put second layer of sauce over meat and top with freshly chopped chives. The mild heat from the kofta mixture combines really well with the sweet and savoury Medilious Tomato Dip.
Taste Explosion



500g good quality steak mince, veal, pork fillet or minced chicken fillets,
2 onions, 
2 red peppers, 
200g sdt pesto ( intense tomato flavour),
300g button mushrooms, 
30g dried oregano,
100ml extra virgin olive oil, 
Sea salt, 
Crushed black pepper, 
3 garlic gloves, 
100g of parmesan / pecorino. 

Fry of meat then add fried vegetable sauce ragu sauce.
Fry of onions, mushrooms and peppers with garlic in olive oil. Add herbs. Taste to season then add in the thick tomato pesto. This pesto will chicken and add such a rich taste to your humble spaghetti bolognese.

for vegetarian option substitute meat with a chunky vegetable medley.

Harissa 250g,
Cous cous 300g,
Olive oil 50ml,
Stock cube chicken, 
Fresh lemon,
Crushed sea salt,
Crushed black pepper, 
Chopped fresh dill 30g,
Chopped fresh mint 30g,
Capers 30g,
Fresh poached and marinated anchovies or boquerones in oil 400g,

Take and prepare cous cous. Pour over hot water chicken or vegetable bouillion and let cous cous soak up moisture and swell.
Add olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon to flavour.

Take 400g of freshly poached anchovies and drain of surplus oil. Take freshdill and fresh mint, add capers and chop finely. Hand mix the anchovies with fresh harissa and herb mixture and serve wıth cous cous. This is a light fragrant aromatic fresh and spicy dish.

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